PIMA Cotton

The cotton used in several of our styles is made in some of the world's finest cotton = "PIMA Cotton", which is extra long fibers from cotton plants that grow only in certain parts of the world (Egypt, Peru and the south of North America), where climatic conditions enable the development of this unique fiber.

PIMA is the name of the Native American tribe that originally started growing this plant. Only 3% of the soil's total cotton production is approved as PIMA cotton. The properties that characterize products made in PIMA-cotton are an optimal performance in:

Softness: The extra long fibres create softer and finer materials for a more supple "fall" and a shinier surface that has less propensity for "pilling". Colour: The unique density and weight of the fiber means that the material will receive dye more uniformly and thus get a deeper and longer lasting color. Durability: PIMA cotton is stronger than normal cotton and the materials will have greater durability and will stay better for longer, even after many times washing.