By women and for women blue is always nice but blue is more. Blue is clothes that feel right – regardless of whether you’re at your pilates class or on your way to do shopping. Critical woman with self-awareness who don’t mind flauting their extrovert life style are the targets of this brand. The means is called blue and the result is sportswear that signals energy and attitude.

The quality is in the genes. Instead of traditional biannual collections, blue has chosen to present smaller monthly collections with seasonal and fashion plate focus.the style is casual with a touch of cool and ranges from yoga over fitness to café. The trick is to admit to the joys and pleasures of sports and to steal from fashion with finesse.

The choice of material is natural and without compromise. silk, alpaca and cotton have been chosen owing to wearing qualities and comfort, however requirements are close to optimal.

For example american pima is used – a spin-off of the long fibred egyptian cotton that ensures a silky lustre and washed well.leading danish sportswear shops stock blue.

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